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Dried Ancho Chiles - 80g
Dried fruit and tobacco flavours. Heat 3/10..

Dried Cascabel Chiles - 50g
Mild with a fruity and tart flavour. Heat 3/10..

Dried Chipotle Chiles - 40g
Smoked, dried jalapenos. Heat 7/10..

Dried De Arbol Chiles - 30g
Fresh grassy flavour with a searing heat. Heat 8/10..

Dried Guajillo Chiles - 60g
Tangy green tea flavour with a hint of nuttiness. Heat 3/10..

Dried Habanero Chiles - 30g
Tropical fruit flavours with extra heat. Heat 10/10..

Dried Mulato Chiles - 80g
Dried Cherry and Licorice flavours with a heat of 3/10..

Dried Piquin Chiles - 30g
Deep fiery heat with flavours of corn and nuts. Heat 9/10..

Giuliano Hot Banana Wax Peppers - 473ml
Whole, crunchy Hot Banana Wax Chiles..

Giuliano Hot Chili Peppers - 473ml
Whole, crunchy Hot Chili Peppers Premium Quality..

Giuliano Mild Cherry Peppers - 473ml
Whole, crunchy Mild Cherry Peppers Premium Quality..

Giuliano Peperoncini - 473ml
Premium Quality imported Golden Peperoncini..

Fox's Chipotle Chili Powder 75g
Mexican Smoky Chipotle Chili Powder..

Fox's Guajillo Chili Powder 75g
Mild, sweet and fruity Mexican Chili..

Fox's Habanero Chili Powder 50g
Intensely Hot, sweet and fruity Mexican Chili Powder...