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Tradtional Catalan Bouquet Garni for use in Paella, Spanish Stews etc...

Fox's Brazilian Annatto Powder - 150g
Also known as Achiote, it is a key ingredient in many Mexican dishes..

Fox's Brazilian Annatto Seeds - 150g
Brazilian Annatto seeds also known as Achiote - a key ingredient in Mexican and South American Cuisi..

Fox's Indian Chili Flakes - 100g
Indian Chili Flakes cna be used in any dish calling for Chili Flakes...

Fox's Indonesian Galangal Root - 15g
Freeze Dried Sliced Galangal Root or Gentle Ginger - essentail for most Thai/Indonesian Dishes..

Fox's Indonesian Kafir Lime Leaves - 10g
Widely used in Thai and Indonesian cooking. Soak in warm water to release a fragrant fresh Lime Leaf..

Fox's Nasi Kuning - 150g
Indonesian style rice seasoning. Just mix with rice, water and salt to create a deliciously fragrant..

Fox's Piri Piri seasoning - 125g
A very Hot & Spicy seasoning to brighten up any dish..

Fox's Wild Mexican Oregano 30g
Fresh Sharp Peppery Flavour. A must for any Mexican Cook..

SP Achiote Paste Spice Mix - 28g
Traditionally used for Pollo Pibil a famous Yucatecan dish. Made from Annato seeds and various spice..

SP Cajun Blackening Spice Blend - 37g
Very spicy, herby coating for any meat/fish for that authentic Cajun flavour..

SP Cajun Spice Blend - 34g
A great Hot blend of Chiles and spices for use as a rub on meats or to flavour tradtional Cajun dish..

SP File Leaves Ground - 26g
Authentic File Powder an essential ingredient for Cajun foods like Gumbo, soups etc...